Celebrate women's achievements this Woman's History Month by honoring the trailblazing women of the wine industry. Learn about the female pioneers in winemaking and enjoy facts about featured wines. Shop our collection of expertly chosen blends from around the world and give a toast to the women who paved the way for future grape-stompers.

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Learn about female pioneers in winemaking from Chandon, Clos du Bois, emBRAZEN and the McBride Sisters.


Established in 1973, Chandon has been combining French techniques with California craft for over four decades. With a diverse portfolio range from classic Brut to the delightfully lush Sweet Star, they create fresh and approachable wines with a vibrant fruit character that’s distinctly Californian.

Pauline Lhote of Chandon

From grape to glass, Pauline Lhote is responsible for every part of the winemaking process at Chandon. Working to create a new style of wine, Pauline has been hailed as a female leader in the industry and has been acknowledged in Wine Enthusiast's 2017 40 Under 40. Growing up in the Champagne region of France, Pauline was interested in the industry her whole life, and by the age of 14, she knew that her destiny was in winemaking. Pauline continues to create new wine styles as she collaborates, shares and learns from the other Chandon wineries throughout the world.

Chandon Brut

Chandon Brut Classic captures the true essence of California's vineyards with its crisp- and-fresh flavor profile. Made from a blend of traditional grape varietals sourced from multiple cool-climate sites, this refreshing wine also includes apple, pear and citrus flavors and aromas with a hint of spice. The soft, dry finish makes this wine perfect for pairing with salty, creamy or nutty foods.

Clos du Bois

French-inspired and crafted under the California sun, Clos du Bois wines have balance, intensity and true varietal color. The taste of lush fruit flavors from carefully selected local vineyards is what gives Clos du Bois its hallmark taste.

Sue D'Agostini of Clos du Bois

Beginning her journey by working in the cellar, Sue D'Angostini is now responsible for the assortment of white wines at Clos du Bois. Managing on- and off-site wine production, she oversees the extensive barrel fermentation program which uses approximately 28,000 barrels. She has an undergraduate diploma in Business Management from St. James' Business College in Dorset and a diploma in wine education through the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET).

Clos du Bois Chardonnay

Working with a family of trusted growers from the best vineyards across California, this classic Chardonnay holds pure fruit flavors. The aromas of apple blossom, ripe pear and sweet lemon drop are complemented by toasty oak, spice and cream. The silky texture is overlaid with bright and juicy flavors for a long, fresh and crisp finish. Pair this wine with a variety of foods including fish, pasta or chicken.


Bold where others are bland, daring where others falter, emBRAZEN isn't afraid to take the spotlight with flavorful blends made by brazen women. Inspired by the trailblazers of the past, emBRAZEN embraces a future where every woman can revel in the spotlight.

Olivia Teutschel of emBRAZEN

After being told that working in the wine cellar was too difficult for women, Olivia Teutschel was determined to prove herself to her male peers in the wine industry. Before joining the Treasury Wine Estates team, Olivia became the first woman winemaker at Bargetto Winery. As a trailblazer in the industry, Olivia focuses on using her wine to share compelling stories from women throughout history.

emBRAZEN Cabernet Sauvignon

The emBRAZEN Cabernet Sauvignon is made from ingredients sourced from select vineyards across California and aged on a mix of new and used oak. A glass of this Cabernet Sauvignon provides concentrated flavors of blackberry and cherry that’ll leave a lasting impression on your palate. The label features Nellie Bly, a journalist who went undercover to expose the dark nature of insane asylums and sweatshops, and who embarked on a record-breaking trip around the world in just 72 days.

The McBride Sisters

Proof that a bond can be formed over a bottle of wine, the McBride Sisters was founded when two long-lost sisters reunited and connected over their shared interest in wine and winemaking. Now the largest African-American-owned wine company in the United States, the McBride Sisters wines express a signature style that blends old- world elegance with new-world finesse.

Robin & Andréa McBride of The McBride Sisters

Growing up across the world from one another, Robin and Andréa were unaware of each other for nearly half of their lives. Despite the separation, the two sisters found each other and connected over their similar upbringings among vineyards and their unyielding passion for wine. The two sisters formed the McBride Sisters wine collection to unite their parallel lives. Vintners and sisters, their story is proof of the bond that can form over a bottle of wine.

The McBride Sisters Sauvignon Blanc

The complex flavors and pungent aromatics of this Sauvignon Blanc come from the meticulous collection of ingredients from locations such as the Home Block, Wairau Bar and the Redwood Hills, Awatere Valley. A perfumed bouquet displays aromatics of grapefruit, lime blossom and nectarine, while the flavors of peach, nectarine and citrus are supported by the tropical nuances of papaya and guava. This wine has a generous texture and a vein of acidity, making it a perfect accompaniment to light dishes such as salads, seafood and mild Asian cuisine.