10 Tips to Host the Perfect Friendsgiving

White flowers in a vase

Created by: Lauren Saylor, A Fabulous Fete

When it comes to entertaining, there are a few tricks I have up my sleeve. They’re simple but clever tips to remember to help you host with ease. You can easily adapt these to any entertaining situation. So read them, memorize them, and use them to make sure you host your best Friendsgiving dinner yet!

  1. Stick with single color blooms for easy arrangements. Whether you decide to put them into one arrangement, or simple put each type of flower in their own vase, using this trick keeps flower looking cohesive and impactful without any experience in flower arranging.
  2. Always have plain and unscented candles stocked for creating an easy table setting. I keep glass white candles on hand to set the mood at our dinner table when entertaining. You can easily use a large amount of candles as your only centerpiece, or pair with flowers. Unscented is best as to not overpower all that cooking you did!
  3. Use fresh herbs to wrap with place cards. Rosemary and thyme are both fragrant and beautiful choice. Wrap bundles with ribbon and a place card to add color and interest to basic plates and settings.
  4. Create a simple cocktail to welcome guests. Welcome cocktails ensure your guests go straight to mingling rather than searching for (or asking you, the hostess for) a drink.
  5. Add an interactive element to the table/party like asking guests to write down what they're thankful for and reading them after dinner at the table. These are great conversation starters, especially if you have friends that are just meeting!
  6. Use items like pumpkins and/or squash to decorate festively. Simply place them in a bowl and you have an instant, colorful centerpiece.
  7. Prep items the day before, like appetizers and desserts, leaving more time for you to mingle. Figuring out what you can freeze or refrigerate, then heat up as guests arrive, is a huge time saver.
  8. Use gorgeous serveware for store-bought items to save time, but yet still add a special touch to your decor/table. Marble, silver and white cakestands are great for things other than desserts. Have a few on hand for appetizers or condiments on your table.
  9. Prep a playlist to set the mood. Whether it’s an upbeat list for your best friends, or something more mellow to set a relaxing tone, decide ahead of time and turn it on a few minutes before your guests arrive.
  10. Have containers ready to go for guests to take home leftovers. You can create tags as well so they know it’s okay for them to take what they want. It’s almost impossible to finish all those leftovers anyways, share the wealth!