American Flag Mason Jars

Mason jars painted with the stars and stripes of the American Flag

Napping in hammocks, movie nights with the kids and patriotic celebrations all hold a special place in our summer schedules. Fill the quieter moments with creative crafts like these American flag Mason jars.

For days when you must find refuge from the sun, making American Flag Mason jars is the perfect activity for both children and adults. They'll add a decorative touch to summer occasions like backyard barbecues and Memorial Day, Labor Day and Independence Day celebrations.

Gather Supplies

You'll need three Mason jars, one wine cork, washi crafting tape, artist paint brushes, rubber stars and acrylic paint in patriotic colors. Check the children's department at your local craft store for the stars. If you can't find them, buy a sheet of rubber and cut out your own, or pick up a pack of white star stickers.

Apply Stripes and Stars

Paint two jars white and one jar blue. Place the blue jar aside while you work on the white ones. Wait a few moments for the paint to dry, then stick two or three horizontal stripes along the surface with the washi tape. Paint the exposed areas red with your paintbrush, then quickly remove the tape so the color doesn't peel off.

Next, glue a few rubber stars together. Hold the stack together with your fingers for two minutes. Attach the stack of stars to a wine cork with glue to make a homemade stamp. Allow the glue to dry before dipping the stars in white paint and pressing them onto the blue jar to complete your American flag-inspired creations. You should have one blue jar with white stars and two white jars with red stripes. Apply an emery board to the raised parts of the surface for a more authentic, worn-in feel.

Think Outside the Box

Give yourself the freedom to express your patriotism in a way that inspires you. Take the red, white and blue combination and combine the colors in unique ways. Make each jar a complete flag rather than separating them, or grab a few cotton swabs and dip them in paint to make a camouflage design in honor of our troops. If you’re an especially nimble artist, paint a portrait of Uncle Sam or the bald eagle on the jars. Feel free to experiment. Remember, you can always apply a fresh coat of paint and start over!

Decorate Your Space

Fill your American Flag Mason jars with mini flag decorations, sparklers, straws, forks, spoons, flowers and napkins. They make lovely table centerpieces and spruce up picnic spreads. When the sun goes down, empty the contents and place citronella candles inside to create a warm glow that will repel insects. The possibilities are endless!