5 Ideas for a Date Night at Home

Atop a white shag rug sits a bowl of popcorn, a tray with roses and glasses of wine, a bowl of chocolate and a chess board.

Created by: Sharon Garofalow, Cupcakes and Cutlery

My husband and I made a pact to try and have a date night at least once a month. Dining out can be costly, and after a busy week I often want to stay in and relax. So I created 5 simple date night ideas you can easily do at home.

1. Cook Together

Being in the kitchen is so much fun with someone else! Turn on some music, open a bottle of wine and catch up on what’s been going on as you prepare dinner together. Have each person choose one thing to make and then work together to create your date night meal. It’s a great way to share the dinner responsibility and interact.

2. Movie Night

It’s fun to create an at-home theater experience. Choose a movie to watch that you both want to see, or missed in the theater. To make this experience feel different than just watching TV together, we make an effort to stay in the moment. We put together a tray with our favorite movie theater candy, popcorn and wine close by. We bring out cozy blankets and turn down the lights just like a movie theater. If the weather is nice, you could also set up an outdoor theater with a projector and speakers to make the experience even more unique.

3. Game Night

My husband and I love to laugh, so game night is always a fun idea. To make it feel more like a date, I bring out some pillows and throw blankets for lounging. We pick out our favorite games, put together snacks and enjoy each other’s company as we play games that remind us of when we first met in high school. Fresh flowers are always a nice way to make the moment feel more special!

4. Go for a Walk

This might not sound like a date idea to some, but taking a walk is a great way to spend alone time. Holding hands as you walk to the corner store or park is an easy way to connect with your spouse while getting a little bit of physical activity. Since your kids are not coming along, you are free to walk farther than usual, making it a great time to explore your neighborhood.

5. Spa Night

Visiting a spa can be expensive, but you can create your own relaxed atmosphere easily in your own home. Burn some scented candles and take turns giving each other foot massages. Put on our bathrobes and turn on some quiet music that reminds you of your favorite spa. Make spa water (water with cucumber slices) or sip on hot tea. Dim the lights and create a serene space for you both to enjoy.