Three Nutrition Technology Resources for a Healthy & Inspired 2022

Three Nutrition Technology Resources for a Healthy & Inspired 2022

Author Tiffany Naticchioni, RDN, LD

With everything that’s happened recently, it’s certainly been a memorable year. We’ve adjusted to wearing masks in public, begun working out at home and have even had virtual visits with healthcare providers. Although we’re unable to predict when or how things around us might change, now is a great time to take your wellness into your own hands (with a little help from the information superhighway).

Technology has been the real MVP this past year. In an effort to socially distance as much as possible, we’ve had opportunities to meet with our colleagues and loved ones virtually. We’ve also been able to successfully learn, work, play and interact from our homes. With less in-person socializing and more time on our hands, many have turned to media to find trending recipes, research healthier habits and purchase food.

We’ve put together a few of our favorite, easy-to-use websites and apps to inspire and guide you as you’re meal planning, snacking and shopping for healthy ingredients:

  1. Recipes: Search recipes using keywords, then refine your results per cuisine, difficulty level, diet and health concern (such as “soy-free” or “vegetarian”) to find exactly what you’re craving or what your family needs. Each recipe allows you to shop the ingredients so you can easily add everything to your cart and order for Pickup or Delivery. Remember to save your favorites (or ones you’d like to try) in ‘My Recipes’ so you can access them quickly for future use.
  2. Whisk and Mealime: Perfect for meal planning and grocery shopping, these convenient apps allow you to search recipes and instantly add the ingredients to your online cart. This is a budget-friendly and fun way to find new recipes, discover new ingredients and easily plan nutritious meals and snacks for the week.
  3. Start Simple with MyPlate: Reinvent yourself by improving your relationship with food! This app is designed to help you set realistic nutrition goals that work with your lifestyle and the foods that you already enjoy, then track your progress toward success. The Start Simple with MyPlate app is based off the information at, which is a great resource for all Americans who want to live healthier lives. It can be beneficial for all ages and is best approached at your own pace.

Sorry, pizza delivery guys – healthier, home-cooked recipes are in, and thanks to technology, they’re easier than ever to find, create and enjoy!

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