Learn how to make a cheese board like a pro with these tips and how-to’s from Murray’s Cheese. Stock up on Murray’s essentials, including delicious cheese, meats and more! 

Cheese comes in all shapes and sizes: Wedges, blocks, pyramids, blobs, and truckles just to name a few. Each ones gets cut a little differently, especially when you want them to look their best in front of company. Impress your guests with these simple tips for cutting & serving cheese!

Step 1: Choose the Cheese

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Choose an assortment of cheeses with an array of different shapes, styles and textures. A great cheese board has something soft, something hard and something in-between with a variety of flavor!

Step 2: Pair with Meat

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Choose a few meats to pair with your cheeses. From a slice of salami to a ribbon of prosciutto, we’ve got what you need!

Step 3: Add Some Accompaniments

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Don’t let your cheese stand alone! Deck your cheese board with jams, olives and more for your guests to snack on and pair with your cheese!

Step 4: Choose Crackers & Bread

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Don’t forget to choose a cracker or slice of delicious fresh bread. Your guests will need a vessel for their cheese!

Step 5: Fill the Space with Fresh Fruit, Vegetables & Garnishes

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Every cheese board needs a pop of color! Add a few of your favorite fresh fruits and vegetables that will pair great with your cheese!

Step 6: Don’t Forget Utensils & Supplies

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Shop the tools, boards and knives you need to cut, plate & serve cheese like a pro!

Cheese Board Spotlight

Build this deliciously crowd-pleasing cheese board at your next party or gathering.

Murray’s Greatest Hits Cheese Board

Impress your guests with this "Greatest Hits"cheese board. This board features a mix of crowd-pleasing cheeses like Aged Cheddar, Brie, Gruyere, and Manchego. Just add some sweet & salty accompaniments like dried apricots, jam, green grapes & salty marcona almonds from the pantry and you can create this party- pleasing platter.