Geomag Kor Egg Covers - Pink - 26-Piece Creative Magnet Cover Addition Perspective: front
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Geomag Kor Egg Covers - Pink - 26-Piece Creative Magnet Cover Addition

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Geomag's Kor Eggs are 3D spherical magnetic playsets that use the wondrous power of magnetism to offer a building experience unlike any other. This cover set is designed to be expand the possibilities of Geomag's Kor Eggs, providing even more opportunity for ingenuity and imagination. Like all of Geomag's award winning products, Kor Eggs and our expansion cover sets are Swiss made to international safety standards. Warning: CONTAINS SMALL PARTS. Not suitable for children under the age of 3. Recommended for children ages 5 and up. Warning: CONTAINS STRONG MAGNETS. Keep away from sensitive devices such as credit cards, computers, magnetic media and medical devices such as pacemakers. Geomagworld SA has fostered simultaneous learning and creativity since 2008. All Geomag products are designed, developed, and produced in Switzerland and follow the highest European and American safety and quality standards. At Geomag, our top priority is designing toys that amuse and stimulate children's sense of fantasy, curiosity, and creativity. We believe that helping young minds hone their abstract problem solving and complex reasoning skills is crucial for their transition into functioning adults, and all of our products reflect that mentality.