1500W Electric Single Burner Portable Heating Hot Plate Stove Countertop Rv Hotplate With No Perspective: front
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1500W Electric Single Burner Portable Heating Hot Plate Stove Countertop Rv Hotplate With No

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Features:Heating Quickly and Evenly:Equipped with 6in heating panels and 1000W/1500W powerit heats up quickly and cooks food evenly without any hot or cold spots.5 Power Levels:With 1-5 heating temperature adjustment from 302 -1022 easily meet your daily cooking needssuch as boiling waterreheating saucesmaking soupsfrying steakcooking pastagrilling cheese and vegetablesetc.. Adjustable thermostat controls and indicator lights for convenient operation.Safe Using and Easy Cleaning:The indicator light on the front of the enclosure will be extinguished when the furnace reaches the temperature you have set. When it is lower than the temperature you setthe light will be oncycledand automatically insulated. Just simply wipe the non-electrical parts with a damp sponge or half-wet cloth for easy cleaning after cooling down completely and plug removed.Wide Compatibility:The burner can be used with any flat-bottomed cookware made of a variety of materialssuch as frying panswoks or stovetop teapots made from aluminumstainless steeliron or glass. Note:May heat ceramic pot very slowly.Compact Design:Non-slip rubber feet ensure that the hot pate stays firmly in place for safe use. Its body is built with stainless steel for durability. Compact design makes the electric furnace easy to carryworks great in college dormssmall apartmentsand RV s/caravans. Perfect for adventure-seekersroad-tripperscampers and anti-microwave folks.Warm Tips:1. When cookingsomeone s better look at it.2. Do not touch the surface of the heating pan during heating and after heating.3. Do not immerse the hot plate into the water or other liquids.4. The hot plate is to heat foodwhen cooking food the container should be on the heating plate.5. When the hot plate is not in usebe sure to adjust the switch to the off position and unplug the plug.6. When using the hot plate for the first timeit should be adjusted